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So you want those dreamy, beauty laden photos of you all getting ready on your wedding day.  They don’t just happen by accident.  The best ones are those that capture the candid action mixed in with some very thoughtful planning. So how do you choose the the best places to get ready for your wedding?


I spent the best part of 10 years as a wedding photographer and in that time photographed many many brides in many different locations during their pre ceremony preparation. You plan everything down to the final dot and cross! Don’t forget about this important detail! Here are my 5 top tips on choosing a location to get ready on your big day.

1. Keeping it cool! 

The preparation usually starts early with hair and makeup and your ceremony often won’t commence until mid to late afternoon. That’s a lot of time to sweat!  Excitement and a good old fashioned case of nerves are enough to get the glands flowing and that’s just on a cool day!  Add into the mix all of the people that will be with you, bridesmaids, family and so on and that’s a lot of body heat in one (potentially confined) place!  Not to mention the camera catching your every moment.  If you want to be fresh in the dress by the time you walk down the aisle be sure to hire a home or apartment that is air conditioned!

2. Light and bright

Bright open space, light coloured walls and ceilings, loads of natural light and a decor that suits your styling and the look you’re after all add up to better preparation photos.  The last thing you want is the rosy orange glow of the 1980s timber panelling or the once funky bright red feature wall to cast its dreadfulness over all of your preparation photos. Think Oompa Loompa… No thanks!

3. Don’t fence me in….

Are you able to set aside a room for you and your bridesmaids to dress in comfort and ‘photographic’ style? Not forgetting mum, the videographer, your hairstylist and makeup artist who may all be there to look after you in their individual roles.  It could get quite crowded so make sure there is plenty of space in the room that you’ll choose to get primped. And don’t forget to ensure there’s adequate alternate storage to hide all of your suitcases, bags and boxes! You should be the star of your photos, not the haemorrhaging innards of your suitcases!

wedding-party-accommodation-montville-maleny-flaxton4. Location, location , location…

Think about how far you want to travel from your accommodation to your ceremony location.  A 10-15 minute drive at the most is ideal.  It gives you time to catch your breath and centre yourself before your ‘I Do’s’ yet not so much that your inner child chants  ‘Are we there yet…’  Your day will go by so quickly, the last place you want to spend valuable time is in the car!bridal-party-holiday-house-accommodation-maleny

5. One for the boys…

You’ll feel guilty when you come to view your photos when all of your lovely images pop up followed by those of the boys getting ready in the shared bathroom above the pub. So make sure the boys are equally well looked after with a posh pad of their own.  A wedding day may be ‘all about the bride’ but you’ll feel much more at ease including your beautiful preparation photos in your album if there are some classy ones one the boys as well!wedding-accommodation-near-maleny

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Are you a hot chocolate or a wine person?  Cheese and bickies or sweet chocolatey delights? Have you imagined relaxing in front of the fireplace, curled up in a comfy chair, favourite beverage in hand, having a laugh with friends while you nibble on those indulgent snacks?  So how does one accomplish this luxurious activity during warmer months? One of the things that guests do from time to time that give us a giggle… Light the fire and then when things get too hot – crank up the air conditioning of course ????? Why didn’t I think of that…….


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Cheese idiffernt-types-of-cheeses an excellent source of protein and contains a special kind of trans fats which are considered to have health benefits when consumed in reasonable amounts. Cheese contains a small amount of carbohydrates and is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin A, & vitamin K2.

Cheese boasts benefits toward heart health and bone as well as prevention of osteoporosis, particularly as women age (I hear a cheer from the women in the audience planning their next Girls Getaway – relaxation AND health enhancing eats). Let’s not forget that it tastes delicious, comes in many forms and flavours and as such acts as a wonderful mood enhancer when teamed with the perfect cracker, cured meat or side of fruit.

Speaking of fruit, what better way to enjoy than conveniently served in a glass [insert ‘tongue in cheek’].  Now I’m not a wine drinker myself. But I am considered one of the minority in today’s society.  We’ve all seen the Facebook memes about wine…

health benefits of wine and cheese

Well just like cheese, wine is also reported to hold numerous health benefits. Google ‘health benefits of wine’ and wikipedia will very quickly report that the correct amounts of wine can be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and early death!

Now there is just one element here that we seem to have overlooked if we’re talking about prolonging life and doing it well.  Holidays!  In a recent study of some 31 million people revealed 46 per cent of people said they felt more relaxed, 42 per cent said they felt happier and 35 per cent said they felt less stressed.

So in conclusion I would like to humbly suggest that if you’re worried about your bones, would like to lessen the likelihood of one of the 3 most common medical causes of premature disability and morbidity and you’d really benefits from a  break then it might be time to make your reservation at the Lodge and bring along some wine and cheese.

While you’re in town why not check out two of our local cheese makers Maleny Cheese Boutique Cheeses, take a factory tour and taste test some of the most delicious cheeses available – located just 10 minutes from Montville Mountain Lodge.  Travel another 20 minutes or so and you’ll stumble across Kenilworth Country Foods. If you’re looking for local wine, stroll just a few minutes down Western Avenue and visit our neighbour at Flame Hill Vineyard or Mason Wines in the Montville Main Street.


Mandy xx

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